Gasholder Demolition

Gasholder demolition has been on the rise in recent years as we see more of them being removed from the UK’s landscapes. These projects can be very complex as they can have potentially hazardous effects if carried out incorrectly. Gasholders demolition will usually consist of disposal of contaminated water, hazardous sludge, and the physical demolition of column guided holders.

With Gasholder facilities also having a live gas facility, lengthy thought and planning is an integral part of any project of this variety. With HC Demolition’s engineers and professionals, we can ensure gasholders’ demolitions are carried out in a safe and timely manner to be as cost-effective as possible.

Our Gasholders Demolition services include:

  • Man Gasholder (Internal floating piston)
  • Semi-buried Column and Spiral Guided
  • Above and Below Ground Column Guided
  • Above and Below Ground Spiral Guided
Gas Holder Demolition