Industrial and Commercial Demolition

Looking for Industrial & Commercial Demolition services? Whether you know the exact services you will require, or if you’re early in the planning stages of your Industrial & Commercial Demolition project – allow HC to help you complete your project efficiently and safely.  If you are interested in our consultancy services, please visit our consultancy page for more information, or get in touch.

Industrial Demolition

Large scale industrial deconstruction and decommissioning, including mine sites, bulk port, and storage facilities, power stations, refineries, oil and gas rigs, quarries, or mills. High-risk structural demolition involving ‘live’ operations, engineering studies, simulated modelling techniques and complex heavy lift solutions to dismantle stackers, conveyors, chimney stacks, silos, and tower structures. Highly specialised marine-based demolition services on or above the water.

Industrial & Commercial Demolition

Commercial Demolition

HCD undertakes demolition of commercial office and residential structures as well as public infrastructure, including structural modifications, strip outs, and heritage works that involve the partial demolition of buildings to retain protected areas or building facades. Demolition of shopping centres, hospitals, academic and high-density mixed-use precincts involving strict traffic management, emissions, noise, and vibration controls to ensure that residential amenity and commercial trading operations remain uninterrupted.

Industrial & Commercial Demolition