Why do people choose to work with HC Demolition?

HC continuously go above and beyond the expectations of our clients. Due to our high standards of quality, safety and communication, we are regularly sought after for multiple jobs from the clients working with us. Furthermore, other contractors with which we have worked often refer us for future work. If you considering working with us, take a look at the things which we think are central to ensuring a fruitful partnership.

Our 3 Core Values:

Thinking about working with us? Suppliers, contractors and clients that work with us support our values, as they are central to everything we do at HC Demolition and are important to everyone working with us. Our core values boil down to 3 simple things: Safety, Sustainability and Superb Service.

Why Work With Us


Health and Safety is woven throughout everything we do here at HC. Although these days you would be hard-pressed to find a legitimate demolition company that does not adhere to health and safety standards, HC Demolition is set apart by going above and beyond.


Demolition projects are not something that just affects the here and now – it affects the future. With that in mind, we keep sustainability at the heart of every service we undertake.

Why Work With Us
Why Work With Us

Superb Service

Our track record speaks for itself, as our clients regularly recommend us and return to us for other services. Word of mouth is largely how we have gained such a comprehensive client base over the years as building and maintaining relationships is central to our business ethos.