What We Do

HC Demolition are leading demolition contractors in Lancashire. Specializing in demolition, dismantling, soft strip. We have carefully constructed a team of individuals who are experts in all aspects of what we do. If you are interested in demolition, please click here. With a commitment to providing such a high standard of demolition services, we are able to carry out multiple projects at any one time with minimal risk to the health of people and minimum damage to the environment. All demolition projects are unique and require their own combination of demolition techniques. The type of building being demolished, its size, scale of surrounding site and the local environment are all key consideration points for us when we survey a project. It takes an experienced head to identify health and safety and environmental risk and control that risk by recommending the right demolition techniques.

Emergency Demolition Lancaster

Explosive Demolition

Explosive Demolition is the fastest and most effective way to bring down large structures. It involves placing blasting charges on internal building supports to knock them out. This causes the building to collapse. If done correctly, the building should collapse into a pile of rubble. Explosive demolition is best-suited to large buildings such as; multi-storey car parks, office blocks, apartments, high-rises flats etc.

Mechanical demolition

This method is best-suited to large scale demolition, i.e. projects that don’t require any preservation or reclamation. We boast a wide range of machinery including 2x High Reach Excavators with a base weight of over 50 tonnes, 5 x 40 ton excavators, 3x 25 ton excavators, 2x 13 tone excavator, 2x 5 ton excavators and a small fleet of micro diggers ranging from 3 ton down to 0.25 tonnes. In addition this we also have a fleet of skid steers, dumpers, telehandlers, Brokks and an extensive range of attachments.

Demolition by hand

Demolition by hand is a time-intensive and skilled job. This demolition technique is a delicate procedure that preserves the materials of a structure. This is ideal when protecting period stonework, marblework, ironwork and woodwork. Brick by brick, the building comes down in a controlled and managed way. Demolition by hand can also be combined with mechanical demolition. This is common in period buildings that have been modernised. Here, the period section of a property is typically de-built by hand while the modern section is taken down by an excavator.